Candy Swarovski Crystals Stardust Pack

New! Limited Edition
Inspired by the colors of our Halloween story, this Swarovski® Crystals Stardust Pack comes with 20 varying sizes of gorgeous Swarovski Crystals in Tangerine Shimmer, Light Rose Ignite, Rose Water Opal and Provence Lavender. Add this Pack to your favorite Living Locket® story for just the right amount of sparkle.
  • Available: Limited Time / While Supplies Last
  • 20-piece Swarovski Crystal Multi-pack
  • Crystal info: Swarovski Tangerine Shimmer Crystals x7, Swarovski Light Rose Ignite Crystals x6, Swarovski Rose Water Opal Crystals x3, Swarovski Provence Lavender Crystals x4
  • SKU: CH3421